An academic summer course in the UK is the perfect choice for students interested in the experience of studying abroad. A foreign education and the life skills students gain from studying overseas is a unique experience that will shape the direction of their careers and lives moving forward.

Academic Summer Courses are suitable for students aged between 15 and 18 and are ideal for those wanting to pursue an IB Diploma or A-Levels. Ranging between 4 and 16 weeks, academic summer courses provide the unique experience of learning through activities and competitions.

Academic summer courses are offered at various education institutions across the UK, including London. Preparation courses are offered in subjects such as Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, English, ICT, Literature and Mathematics. Successful completion of these courses forms the basis of a quality education.

Importantly, an academic summer course can be a great first step to successfully completing other academic qualifications in the UK, such as a Bachelors or Master’s degree.

Students can choose between 3-4 subjects a week, depending on the duration of the summer course. This enables them to study a wide range of subjects, which is perfect for the student who wishes to continue their studies abroad.