Why Attend A Summer School

Why Attend A Summer School

Attending a summer school in the UK delivers many diverse benefits for young people based abroad.


The most obvious and important advantage for parents and teachers is the impact on academic development and career prospects. Regardless of their background, research has shown that students who attend summer school are more likely to attend a university of their choice.


Another advantage is that the student can focus completely on a specific subject for the summer, with no other distractions, to help them make impressive progress.


The skills that students gain at summer school boost their future career and make it more possible for students to gain future employment abroad, whilst advancing their careers through promotion.


In addition to gaining specific subject based skills, living in the UK enables young people to experience a new life in another country and culture. This broadens their confidence and life skills, as well as their English speaking abilities. Only through living in another country can you truly appreciate cultural differences and how to operate in a country that is not like your own. Valuable life skills in communication, adaptability, creativity, socialising and independence contribute to the personal development of each student.


There’s therefore no doubt that attending summer school could be a life-changing experience.