Whether you are an avid sportsperson or aiming to start a career in sport, UK based intensive summer coaching camps are a great opportunity to learn from the best sports trainers. From optimum fitness techniques and exercises to world-class coaching, our summer coaching camps will give existing sporting skills that extra edge.

Offered over 2 to 16 weeks, summer sport coaching camps are available for students aged between 5 to 8 years. These camps are usually held at football and cricket clubs. Sports coaching is usually blended with theoretical lessons on the sport. Residential options are available too.

Some coaching camps also offer English language training alongside sports coaching, which is an ideal way to improve sports and language skills at the same time.

Summer sports coaching camps are offered in all major sports, including football, cricket, rugby, badminton and table tennis. Multi-sport activity and training summer camps are held at various sports institutions, offering multi-coaching sessions in various indoor and outdoor sports.
Aside from traditional sports and games, there are also coaching camps available in non-mainstream sports, such as SNAG Golf, Street Surfing and Urban Polo.

The most popular sports courses include:


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