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Exchange Courses

An exchange course is a great experience because it enables students to pick the course of their choice, whilst experiencing the culture of the UK at the same time. Students begin to understand the differences between studying home and studying abroad, which is an excellent basis for any future plans to study abroad.

Through Greshamville’s strong relationships with reputable UK based schools, students can visit a new school environment and find out how young people of their age live and study. Students will stay with a host family in the UK and also receive a foreign guest during the summer.

This provides students with an enjoyable experience, helping them to build valuable and lasting friendships. Of course, in addition to exposure to the world of studying abroad, English language skills are significantly enhanced through the exciting exchange experience.

Many students find that exchange programs help them in their academic careers, whilst also helping them to experience a unique and interesting new culture. This broadens the minds and ambitions of young people, helping them to truly experience life outside of the comforts of home and their school environment.

This can help students to shape their career and life plans for the future, so that they grow into confident and capable adults.