Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there any English eligibility requirement for my child?

There is no specific level of English required. This also depends on the course that your child will be opting for. We encourage students to prepare well for the summer camp. A good level of English is recommended for the students to participate in all the activities during the camp.

2) Is there any age criteria for my child to enroll to a particular summer course?

This varies from school and the course that the students opt for. Get in touch with us for more information on individuals schools & courses eligibility requirements.

3) What all essentials would my child need during the summer camp?

You would be given this information before hand including all the essentials and recommended items that your child needs to bring along. Most importantly, please ensure that your child brings in any medication if needed. You can also inform the school to supervise any the child’s condition and medication, if any.

4) Will my child get a pick-up & drop service to the airport?

Yes. Majority of the schools offer this service for individual students if you have requested. Your child will be picked up from the airport by a staff member or taxi driver arranged by a school. The person will be carrying an official sign, with the student’s name and the name of the school they are going to.
At the end of the stay, your child will be accompanied back to the airport, and will also be given assistance through the check-in process.

5) What will be the provision for the meals?

All 3 meals a day will be provided by the school with variety of options and preferences.
Many schools provide regular theme menus for the students with as much choice and variety as possible. Students also get a chance to enjoy Healthy eating weeks, Pancake Day, Burns Night, Chinese New Year, pasta and sushi demonstrations and international speciality dishes.

6) Is there any provision for a special diet that my child needs?

Yes. All the schools can cater to special dietary requirements. This needs to informed in advance at the time of the booking

7) How much money can my child bring along?

Schools recommend between £80 – £100 per week for each student to get as a pocket money, unless your child would like to do some additional shopping.

8) Will my child be in a sharing room? If yes, who will my child be sharing room with?

All the schools arrange room shares by age. They have a strict policy on age and gender- sharing in rooms. There will always be a room in-charge to take care of all the students at all the time to ensure discipline.

9) Will my child be allowed to visit outside the campus?

Children are not routinely allowed off site unless they are accompanied by a staff member or a group in-charge. They can be allowed with a parent or relative with prior permission.

10) Will there be internet / Wi-Fi facility in the school campus?

Children can either access free Wi-Fi around the campus or have access to an computer room depending on the facility provided by the school.

11) Will there be laundry service offered to the students?

Yes. All the schools offer either a free laundry service or charge a very small fee to use the laundrette. Staff members are always around to assist the students with this service.

12) What happens if my child is sick or injured?

School staff / caretaker would be assessing the child condition and have an access to immediate medical aid.
In case of any emergencies, students parents / guardian is informed beforehand and the student is treated at the earliest.

13) Can my child stay for more than the summer camp length?

Majority of the summer courses lasts between 4 weeks to 6 weeks. If your child would like to stay longer, then they would have to enrol for a different course if that school permits.

14) Will my child’s passport & valuables be secured?

School campuses have lock & key service. When the students check in, their passport & valuables will be checked and the students will have an option to secure it within their individual lockers or handover to the staff member to ensure safety of the valuables.

15) Can my child leave the school to visit a family friend / relative?

Yes. School must be informed beforehand by the parent / guardian in writing. Anyone accompanying the student away from the school will be asked to provide their identification proof & their contact details in case of any emergency.

16) How can I speak to my child at the summer camp?

All the schools provide a pre – course information pack which will give you all the information including contact details, emergency contact number and timings to call and speak to your child at the camp.